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The Art of Gifting: Top Ideas for New Business Relationships

The Art of Gifting: Top Ideas for New Business Relationships

The Art of Gifting: Top Ideas for New Business Relationships

Nurturing relationships and strengthening bonds is not only bound to family. An equivalent amount of compassion and effort needs to be showered on corporate relationships as well. If you look closely, you would see that most employees consider their offices more or less of a family. And, what is a family without the exchange of some amazing gifts? Gifting in the corporate world is not only limited to festive seasons only. From annual events to success parties, business gifting is a gesture that transcends professional edges and expresses gratitude, thoughtfulness, and the urge to nurture potent bonds. The art of gifting has experienced a palpable evolution throughout the years - from traditional to meaningful gifts. 

Thoughtful Corporate Gifting Trends

When we talk about corporate gifting, we aren’t only talking about the mere formality. Every gift carries a story, and it acts as a powerful tool to build bonds that might stay forever. When coherently executed, corporate bonds tend to leave a lasting impression on employees, shareholders, business partners, clients, and more. 

  1. Customization: Personalizing gifts by adding the recipient’s name or logo is a great way to add a personal touch. This way, the person will feel valued, 
  2. Sustainability: The world is gearing towards sustainability and the shift towards eco-friendly products is a result of it. Therefore, go ahead with similar products. 
  3. Finest Quality: More often than not, a single, excellent present has a bigger impact than a group of imperfect gifts.
  4. Storytelling: Select presents that have an engaging backstory to give the gesture more depth and significance.
  5. Timing: Giving during significant moments in your relationship or on particular occasions highlights the value of the gift.

Get your Hands on Exceptional Corporate Gifts from Artarium

Artarium stands out as a supplier of distinctive, motivational items for corporate gifting with a creative flair. Let's look at three unique office presents that can make an impression.

  • A Stylized Charging Bull Figurine
  • A stylised charging bull figurine is a potent gift option since it represents strength and tenacity. This intricately made sculpture perfectly expresses a bull's unrelenting drive. It's the perfect present for developing new business contacts because it serves as a reminder of the tenacity and perseverance needed in the corporate world. This artwork can act as a constant source of inspiration and a reminder that obstacles can be overcome with willpower if it is placed in an office environment. 

  • Jaguar Figuring
  • The jaguar figurine from Artarium offers significant importance in a business environment that encourages innovation and agility. The attributes that businesses value are embodied by Jaguars, which are noted for their grace and flexibility. A great option for modern workstations, the geometric design provides a dash of modernism and refinement. Giving this figurine conveys the value of embracing change and grabbing opportunity, which are essential aspects of the business world.

  • Abstract Art Rhino Figurine
  • The abstract art rhino figurine from Artraium is the epitome of utmost stability and security. When we talk of corporate bonds, stability and protection are two inevitably important elements that drive success. Without the equivalent balance of reliability and trust, the continuance of a business might be debatable. This art piece embodies the swiftness of a rhino and communicates the message of dependability and support. If you are perplexed about what to gift your business partners or employees in the upcoming annual meeting, then this can be the ideal gift since it perfectly demonstrates your devotion to growth. 

  • Charismatic Hindu God Figurines
  • What can be better than gifting your corporate people the signs of enormous positivity? We are talking about Hindu God idols and sculptures. Since ages unknown, Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been the ultimate source of strength, prosperity, belief, and optimism. Therefore, you can never go wrong with gifting Hindu sculptures to your business partner, shareholders, employees, and other significant personas. Artarium is one of those few sustainable brands that have consistently offered stunning sculptures made by proficient creators. From Ganesh idol to Mystical Shiva, Sai Baba to Lord Hanuman idol - you can get your hands on everything.       

    To develop and solidify new business ties, the art of gift-giving is a potent tool. Corporate gifts that are thoughtfully chosen and in line with best practices and trends can make a big impression. If you're looking for unique office presents, Artarium has a variety of creative choices. The stylised charging bull figurine denotes resolve, the contemporary geometric leaping jaguar denotes agility, and the abstract art rhino represents stability—all essential traits in the business world. 

    By including these works of art in your corporate giving plan, you can express your gratitude to your business associates, clients, and workers while also sending important messages and values. Always keep in mind that relationships are important in the world of business and that the art of gift-giving is a powerful weapon you may use to create ties that will stay.

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