Modern Art Geometric Jaguar Figurine

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The Jaguar symbolizes power, grace, elegance, valor, and ferocity, along with the ambition to leap forward. It is also the embodiment of aggressiveness. For others, Jaguar also epitomizes the power to face one’s fear or the ability to confront one’s enemies. 

The Jaguar is the largest cat species in the genus Panthera, also known as the Panther, and is native to North America.  The word ‘jaguar’ is derived from the Tupi-Guarani word ‘yaguara’ which means ‘a wild beast that overcomes its prey’. Jaguar is mostly threatened by habitat loss, poaching and habitat fragmentation, especially for trade of its body parts. It’s high time we give this a thought and much deserved attention. The Artarium has crafted this product with a motive to promote the powerful & fearless nature of this cat species. 

This piece is perfect for anyone with a daring, courageous and powerful personality. People who love to take risks will definitely go for this work of art. Modern Art Geometric Golden Jaguar Figurine is the quintessential gift item for a friend or colleague starting a new business venture. 


* Made using Resin
* Geometric design gives it modernity
* Suits best as a table decor
* Perfect for home, office or hotel space
* Can be used as a car decor
* This exquisite art piece includes the process of hand-casting with crushed stone and bonding with Resin
* The product is manufactured in India
* It is also available in Matte Black finish
* It’s a great gifting item for birthdays, farewell, housewarmings or even on festivals like Diwali


* Resin

Product Care

* Keep it away from direct sunlight
* Do not wash it water or soap
* Clean with a soft, dry cotton cloth
* Avoid using any harsh abrasives as it may damage the finish

Styling Tips

* You can place it in the cabinet of your living room, or on side table, office table, bedroom, and even in your car on the dashboard
* Place it against backgrounds of contrasting colors to make it more aesthetically pleasing
* Style it with books or flower vases if you’re placing it on center tables or side tables
* The Modern Art Geometric Golden Jaguar Figurine looks great with wooden furniture as well

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nidhi Ramani

Modern Art Geometric Jaguar Figurine

Ajay Kande

Modern Art Geometric Jaguar Figurine

Faisal Khan
Modern Art Geometric Jaguar Figurine

Very Nice Product Gifted to one of my best friend

meera r.
geometric jaguar

yeh itna majestic piece lagta hai, kisi ko bhi pyaar ho jaaye iss se

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