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How Did Radha Die - The Lesser Known Story About Her Death
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How Did Radha Die - The Lesser Known Story About Her Death

In the mystical realm of Hindu mythology, the love story of Radha and Krishna will always be cherished. Radha was the most beloved companion of Krishna and their love for each other knew no bounds.  Radha’s love for Krishna still stands as a testament to the power of devotion and the eternal nature of love. But how and why did the couple part ways? Where did Radha go after leaving Krishna? This blog will help you delve deeper into the lesser-known facts about Radha's life, particularly her departure from this mortal world, and explore the spiritual lessons it holds.

Radha - the Origin and Significance

Radha - the Origin and Significance

Radha was born to Vrishbhanu and Kirti Devi in the small village of Repali. She was believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. However, there are many stories revolving around her birth and incarnation but there is no evident piece of evidence. Some believe that Goddess Laxmi incarnated as Radha in Vrindavan and as Rukmini in Mathura and they were both one and the same. 

According to the Radha Chalisa, Radha was the most important gopi who took part in the Ras Leela performed by Krishna. But the couple got separated when Krishna left Mathura on a mission to destroy Kansa, his evil uncle.  Their separation was not just physical but also symbolic, representing the longing of the soul for union with the divine. Radha did try to dissuade Krishna in order to stop him from leaving but all her efforts went in vain as Krishna had a higher purpose being born as an incarnation. However, after killing Kansa, and gaining back control of Mathura, Krishna sent a message to Radha asking her to join and stay with him in Mathura itself. But Radha declined his request and chose to stay with her family instead. 

Radha’s Marriage & Earthly Responsibilities

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Radha’s Marriage

In Krishna's absence, Radha, bound by societal norms, married a man named Ayan. nonetheless, despite her marital duties, her love for Krishna never wavered. She perfectly performed all her earthly duties while staying committed to Krishna with all her heart and soul.  Krishna upon hearing the news of Radha’s marriage was a bit disheartened. 

However, respecting her commitment and understanding the deeper spiritual connection he shared with Radha, Krishna did not disrupt her married life. He wanted Radha’s married life to be healthy and happy to protect Radha’s peace of mind. 

Reunion in Dwarka

Reunion in Dwarka

As time passed, Radha felt the inner call to reunite with Krishna and this is when she visited him in Dwarka. Krishna was all overjoyed upon seeing Radha right in front of her after such a long time. They spent countless moments together, hidden and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their reunion was not just a meeting of two souls but a celebration of divine love that transcends time and space.

A Departure Filled with Despair

After spending a considerable time at Krishna’s palace, Radha realized that her true happiness lay in the spiritual love she shared with Krishna rather than in physical proximity. Hence, she decided to leave his palace and join an ashram to become a sanyasini. 

Time flew by until one day when Krishna received a message informing him about Radha’s deteriorating health condition. Upon hearing this news, Krishna rushed to meet Radha, and seeing her in her last moments, he asked for her one last wish. Answering this, Radha expressed that she wants to leave this world listening to his flute recital which reminds her of the good old times that they spent in Vrindavan. Krishna picked up his flute and played it continuously until Radha took her last breath. The moment Krishna realized Radha’s departure to heaven, he broke down his flute expressing that there was no need for this now. 

Radha's decision to leave the palace and become a sanyasini was a testament to her spiritual evolution. In her final moments, she expressed her desire to hear Krishna's flute, which had been the melody of her heart in Vrindavan. Krishna, honoring her wish, played his flute until she peacefully departed from this world.

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The Eternal Love

Radha's departure left Krishna heartbroken, symbolized by his breaking of the flute, as he felt there was no need for it without her. Their love story, though filled with separation and longing, signifies the eternal bond between the divine and the devotee. It teaches us that true love outshines worldly boundaries and remains eternal in the realm of the divine.


The story of Radha's departure is not just a tale of love and separation; it is a profound journey of spiritual realization and divine love. Radha's life and her love for Krishna serve as a timeless reminder that true love transcends all boundaries and remains eternal in the realm of the divine. Her story inspires us to deepen our spiritual connection and seek the divine love that surpasses the limitations of the materialistic world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What happened to Radha at the end?
A. The Garga Samhita and Brahma Vaivarta Purana tell that Radha left her home after Krishna’s departure. She went to the Kadli forest and left behind her illusionary version which is also known as Chaya (shadow) Radha, in Barsana.
Q. How did Krishna die?
A. The Mahabharata tale tells that a hunter named Jara once mistook Krishna’s partially visible foot for a deer and shot him with an arrow which gave Krishna a fatal injury and resulted in his death.
Q. What is the last wish of Radha?
A. According to the legends, Radha’s last wish was to hear Krishna play his flute for her just like the old times, when they were in Vrindavan.
Q. Who curses Radha?
A. Sridama, one of Lord Krishna’s devotees cursed Radha.
Q. Who was Radha in her next birth?
A. It was Goddess Laxmi who incarnated four times as Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavanti, and Radha consecutively. Radha is said to be the last incarnation of Lord Laxmi.
Q. What happened to Krishna's body after death?
A. After Krishna’s death, his body was turned into ashes except his heart, which is still believed to be burning and residing in Jagannath Puri temple. 

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