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The Story Behind Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra.

The Story Behind Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra.

Born in Mathura to Devaki and Vasudeva, Krishna's childhood was filled with miraculous events, be it defeating the demoness Putana or lifting the Govardhan hill to protect his people from Indra's wrath, it has all been a tale of wonders and wow.

As he grew, Krishna's charm and wisdom captivated all, especially during his role as Arjuna's charioteer in the Kurukshetra war, where he conveyed the timeless teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. His playful interactions with the Gopis in Vrindavan and his love for Radha symbolize the eternal bond between the divine and the devotee.

Krishna's idols in temples and homes depict these various facets, each capturing a moment of his divine presence on Earth. However, you would often find these idols depicting various attributes of Lord Krishna, like his two arms carrying mace (Gada) and conch shell and the other two carrying the Sudarshan Chakra and one resting in the varada mudra (a gift-giving gesture). 

In this blog, we’ll help you learn about the origin of the Sudarshan chakra and its significance. 

The Sudarshan Chakra: A Divine Marvel

The Sudarshan Chakra

The Sudarshan Chakra is a celestial weapon associated with Lord Vishnu, symbolizing his role as the preserver of the universe. Its name, derived from "su" meaning auspicious, and "darshan" meaning vision, signifies its divine nature. The chakra's perpetual motion, denoted by "chakra," represents the eternal cycle of life and death.

This weapon consists of two spinning discs, each with sharp spikes, rotating in opposite directions. Its design signifies precision and power and is capable of swiftly cutting through any obstacle or enemy.

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Origins of the Sudarshan Chakra

Origins of the Sudarshan Chakra

Contrary to the belief that the Sudarshan Chakra was given to Lord Krishna, ancient texts suggest that it was an inherent weapon possessed by him from birth. As an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Krishna carried this chakra to protect dharma and uphold righteousness.

The chakra's presence in Krishna's life symbolizes his divine authority and his role as a protector of the universe. He used it at various events to protect his devotees and eliminate malevolent forces, showcasing its formidable power and significance in Hindu mythology.

Legends Behind the Sudarshan Chakra

Legends Behind the Sudarshan Chakra

Viswakarma's Creation:

According to this legend, the Sudarshan Chakra was created by Viswakarma, the divine architect of the gods. Viswakarma's daughter, Sanjana, was married to Surya, the Sun God, known for his intense brilliance and heat. Sanjana found it challenging to bear the heat of her husband and approached her father for a solution.

Concerned for his daughter's well-being, Viswakarma intervened and reduced Surya's radiance, making it more tolerable for Sanjana. From the excess "Sun dust" that was gathered, Viswakarma created three significant divine artifacts. The first was the Pushpaka Vimana, a celestial flying chariot. The second was Lord Shiva's iconic Trident, symbolizing his cosmic power.

The third and most significant creation was the Sudarshan Chakra, a circular disc of supreme potency. It was imbued with the power to swiftly destroy evil and protect righteousness. Viswakarma then bestowed the Sudarshan Chakra upon Lord Vishnu, who would use it to maintain cosmic balance and vanquish malevolent forces.

Shiva's Gift

Another legend narrates how Lord Vishnu sought Lord Shiva's assistance in defeating formidable demons. Vishnu, realizing that he needed additional power, approached Shiva, who was deeply absorbed in meditation.

Not wanting to disturb Shiva's penance, Vishnu began a prayer and chant, offering one thousand lotus blossoms daily to Shiva. He patiently waited for years until Shiva finally emerged from his meditative state. Impressed by Vishnu's unwavering devotion, Shiva decided to test him.

One day, Shiva stealthily stole one of the lotus flowers from Vishnu's offering. Undeterred, Vishnu plucked out one of his own eyes and placed it as an offering in the sacred fire. Touched by Vishnu's sacrifice and devotion, Shiva appeared before him and granted him a divine gift – the Sudarshan Chakra.

This powerful disc possessed the ability to cut through ignorance, illusion, and evil, making it an invaluable tool for Vishnu in his cosmic duties. Shiva's gift symbolizes the triumph of devotion and sacrifice over adversity, highlighting the deep bond between the two divine beings.

These legends underscore the Sudarshan Chakra's significance as a divine weapon of immense power and symbolize the eternal battle between good and evil in Hindu mythology.

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Significance and Uses in Different Yugas

Significance and Uses in Different Yugas

The Sudarshan Chakra holds a special place in Hindu mythology, symbolizing the preservation of harmony and order in the universe. Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna wielded it on various occasions to uphold righteousness and combat evil.

During the Samudra Manthan, the chakra played a crucial role in slicing the spiritual mountain, Mandrachal Parvat. It was also used to separate Goddess Sati's body into pieces, easing Lord Shiva's sorrow and leading to the creation of revered "Shakti Peethas."

In the hands of Lord Krishna, the Sudarshan Chakra was used to protect his devotees and defeat malevolent forces. Whether it was defeating the demon Shishupal or supporting Arjuna's bridge of arrows, the chakra symbolized divine protection and justice.


The Sudarshan Chakra is more than just a weapon; it is a symbol of righteousness prevailing over wrongdoing. Its origins and legends add depth to our cultural heritage, reminding us of the eternal battle between good and evil. The essence of the Sudarshan Chakra resonates across generations, inspiring us to uphold righteousness in our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Which finger is the Sudarshan Chakra on?
Lord Vishnu holds Sudarshan Chakra on his index finger.
Q. What is the weapon of Balram?
The plough is the weapon of Balram. According to the Bhagavad Purana, he used it to fight the demons and dig out a way for the Yamuna river to get it closer to Vrindavan.
Q. Where is Krishna's real flute now?
No Hindu scriptures or legends describe the real location of Krishna’s flute. Hence, there’s no evidence of his existence.
Q. Why Radha and Krishna did not marry?
Both Radha and Krishna are believed to be one soul, just residing in two different bodies. As they were not different from each other, they didn’t find the need to get married and put a tag on their relationship.
Q. Why did Krishna marry 16000 wives?
As per the legend, when Krishna killed the Narakasura, the demon king, all his 16,100 wives were set free from his captive. Krishna decided to accept all of them as his wives and took them along with him to Dwarka.

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