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What are the Significance and Interesting Facts about Lord Hanuman's Gada (mace)?
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What are the Significance and Interesting Facts about Lord Hanuman's Gada (mace)?

In Hindu mythology,Lord Hanuman is seen as a symbol of strength, devotion, and loyalty. One of the most iconic symbols associated with him is his mighty weapon, the gada or mace.
You would always find Hanuman depicted with his all-powerful Gada but where did Hanuman get it from? And what significance does it hold?
Well, you will learn all of that in this blog where we will explain the significance of Lord Hanuman’s Gada and reveal some interesting facts about it. So, keep reading.

Significance of Lord Hanuman's Gada

Significance of Lord Hanuman's Gada
1. Symbol of Power and Strength: The gada is a symbol of Lord Hanuman's immense physical strength and power. In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is often portrayed as a mighty warrior capable of performing incredible feats. The gada is a representation of his ability to wield immense power and overcome any obstacle.

2. Destroyer of Evil Forces: Hanuman's gada is often associated with his role as a vanquisher of evil forces. It is said that the mere sight of the gada struck fear into the hearts of demons and evil beings. Hanuman used his gada to defeat powerful demons and protect the innocent, making it a symbol of his righteousness and dedication to fighting evil.

3. Symbol of Protection: The gada is also seen as a symbol of protection in Hinduism. Devotees of Hanuman believe that the gada offers protection from negative energies and evil influences. It is often used as a symbol of strength and protection in rituals and ceremonies.

5. Upholder of Dharma: The gada is also seen as a symbol of balance and justice. Hanuman is believed to have used the gada to uphold dharma (righteousness) and protect those who were oppressed or wronged.

Interesting Facts about Lord Hanuman's Gada

Interesting Facts about Lord Hanuman's Gada
Let’s learn some interesting facts about Hanuman’s Gada:

1. A Special Gift From Lord Kuber: Mace was a special gift that was given to Hanuman by Lord Kuber. But why? For what purpose? According to the legends, once little Hanuman mistook the Sun for a mango fruit and made an attempt to eat it. During this time, he was attacked by Lord Indra which made him unconscious. Highly disappointed by this incident, Vayu Dev (the father of Lord Hanuman) seized his flow into nature which disturbed the entire universe.
Upon seeing the severity of the situation, Lord Brahma intertwined and brought back Hanuman to life. Celebrating the event, all the gods and goddesses blessed Hanuman with certain boons and divine gifts. Like Lord Brahma gave him the power to grow bigger and shrink to his smallest self, and Lord Agni & Lord Varuna gave him the boon of remaining all protected by fire and water.

2. The Power of Lord Hanuman’s Gada is Unbeatable: Hanuman’s Gada was so powerful that it could crush mountains and break up trees all in a go. Hanuman used the Gada to defeat many powerful demons. However, one of the most remarkable incidents was when he lifted the Dronagiri mountain with a swing of his mace and flew back lifting the mountain in his hand to save Lakshmana.

3. The largest and most powerful weapon: Lord Hanuman’s gada is said to be as strong as a diamond. It is one of the largest weapons in the world and is often carried in the right hand of Lord Hanuman.


The gada of Lord Hanuman is not just a weapon; it is a symbol of his strength, devotion, and unwavering commitment to righteousness. It holds immense significance in Hindu mythology and continues to inspire millions of people with its powerful symbolism.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who gifted Gada to Hanuman?
A. Lord Kuber gifted Gada to Hanuman.
Q. What is gada called in English?
A. Gada is known as Mace in English.
Q. What does Hanuman's Gada represent?
A. Hanuman’s Gads represent power, governance, and strength.
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