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Essential Unique Car Dashboard Accessories For Your Car

Essential Unique Car Dashboard Accessories For Your Car

Car dashboard accessories are a budget-friendly way to customize your car’s interior. Some of these accessories are not only visually appealing but also have some practical features. While driving, you spend a lot of time staring at your dashboard. With a high-quality and unique car dashboard accessory, you can make your drives enjoyable and soothing.

There are a wide range of car dashboard accessories available on the market. Selecting the right accessory can be daunting. With this guide, you will be able to make the right decision and get a unique car dashboard accessory that will suit your taste and preferences.

Listed below are our top picks for essential and unique car dashboard accessories in 2024 that you should consider for your car.

Top Car Dashboard Accessories in 2024

Decorative accessories 

Unique and minimalistic decor items are a great choice for your car dashboard. They will give your car’s interior a facelift. There is a wide range of decorative accessories for car dashboards available on the market. 

If you are a new car owner, you will want some kind of religious or spiritual symbol in your car for positive vibes and good luck. God Idols for car dashboards are an excellent choice. 

At Artarium, you will find a premium collection of god idols for car dashboards that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your car’s interior but also instill a feeling of serene positivity in you.

Our bestseller, the Bahubali Hanuman Ji car dashboard idol, has taken the Indian car market by storm. Car owners all over the country have installed Hanumanji on their car dashboards and filled their rides with divine positivity. This figurine gives a sense of a guardian watching over the drivers. 

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Bahubali Hanuman

Apart from Hanuman ji, there are also idols and figurines of other deities like Lord Shiva, Buddha, and more in never been seen before avatars. With these religious decor accessories, your car’s interior and your drive will no longer be the same. The best part is that at Artarium, you can easily buy our Hanuman or Shiva statue online from the comfort of your home or car.

Smartphone Mounts

A phone mount is one of the most essential car dashboard accessories that will firmly hold your smartphones in place for ease of navigation and communication. You can attach the phone mount to your dashboard or windshield. 

The phone mount should be sturdy with a firm grip. You can even opt for the ones that offer 360-degree rotation so that you can view your phone from different angles. This accessory offers the convenience of staying connected while on the drive.

Car air fresheners

You will want to invest in a good quality air freshener if you want your car’s interior to smell pleasant. Choose from a wide range of fragrances according to your preferences. 

Look for fresheners that are easy to install and are long-lasting. This simple car dashboard accessory will not only make your drives enjoyable but also create a welcoming environment inside your car. 


A car dashboard camera, or dashcam, is a vital accessory for your car. It records your drives, which can be used for your safety or as evidence in case of a collision or accident. Get dashcams with high-resolution recording, wide-angle lenses, and sensors that record and save footage during a collision. Dashcams not only offer security but can also be used to record your beautiful journeys on the road.

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Buyer’s Guide to Car Dashboard Accessories

When choosing a car dashboard accessory in India, here are some important considerations to consider:

  • Type - Dashboard accessories include phone holders, anti-slip mats, air fresheners, and ornamental elements. Determine what function you require - storage, scent, aesthetics, etc.
  • Size - First, carefully measure the available area on your dashboard. Make sure the holder, mat, or god idol you select fits correctly on your car's dashboard.
  • Material - Look for high-quality materials such as sturdy plastics and rubbers that can tolerate heat and sunlight inside a vehicle. Avoid any attachments that may warp or fall apart quickly.
  • Ease of Installation - Most dashboard attachments connect to the surface using suction cups, adhesive pads, or slide-on clips. Check the type of mounting mechanism given and determine if your dashboard material is compatible with it.
  • Safety - When purchasing accessories such as phone holders, make sure they have a tight, secure grip and adjustable angles so you can use your phone securely while driving without blocking view.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.How do I find the best dashboard accessories?

When selecting dashboard accessories, opt for quality materials such as sturdy plastics and scratch-resistant coatings that can survive sunlight and high temperatures inside a car. Also, check that mounts and phone holders have strong phone grips that will not lose their stick in hot conditions.

Q2. What accessories can I install on my dashboard?

Popular dashboard accessory categories include phone mounts, anti-slip pads, ornamental coin/card storage containers, figurines, liquid decorations, religious idols, air fresheners, cleaning tools, and more. To avoid blocking visibility, keep accessory sizes modest.

Q3: How do I install and uninstall dashboard accessories?

The majority of low-cost dashboard attachments employ peel-and-stick adhesives or flexible clamps and hooks that can be removed without the need for tools or hardware adjustments. To avoid damage during detachment, avoid models that are adhered to with permanent adhesive. Clean the dash before and after usage to ensure that attachments are firmly fastened.

Q4. How do I clean and maintain dashboard accessories?

Dust and clean dashboard accessories using microfiber towels on a regular basis before dirt and oil collection, being especially careful with more delicate elements. To prevent the drying and cracking of vinyl and rubber accessories, avoid using aggressive cleaners and moisturize them regularly. Replace worn suction cups and phone grip pads as soon as possible to ensure dependable functioning.

Final Thoughts

With our guide's top picks in a variety of useful accessory categories such as phone mounts, air fresheners, decoration accents, and more, Indian drivers can update their cars both effectively and aesthetically without breaking the bank. Focus purchasing on addressing pain spots to improve overall experiences. Most importantly, take care to ensure that no accessories impair crucial road visibility. 

Also, for a premium range of god idols for car dashboards, make sure to visit Artarium.

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