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Budget-Friendly Car Dashboard Accessories: 11 Affordable Accessories Under 5k

Budget-Friendly Car Dashboard Accessories: 11 Affordable Accessories Under 5k

Your car dashboard is not merely a functional component, but also a reflection of your personality and style. And when it comes to decorating or accessorizing your dashboard, there are a whole lot of options to consider. However, the question lies as to which additions best complement your car's aesthetics and give it a whole modern touch and vibe. Guiding you on this, here are the top 11 affordable and meaningful car dashboard accessories that you can use in your car interiors. 

Bahubali Hanuman

Bahubali Hanuman is a pocket-sized powerhouse of strength and devotion that makes for a powerful addition to your cart. It creates a protective aura and wards off any negativity surrounding your way. It's like having a superhero right there safeguarding all your journeys.


You can find a whole lot of options when it comes to Lord Hanuman. However, if you’re looking for something unique and aesthetic, the Bahubali Hanuman idol from Artarium makes for the best pick.

Ramayani Hanuman Ji

Ramayani Hanuman Ji is a representation of unwavering loyalty and selfless service. Placing this little bundle of compassion will serve as a constant reminder to remain dedicated and committed to your true self. More so, it creates a composed driving environment so that you always get to drive peacefully. 

You can browse through various online platforms or check out religious shops to pick from a range of designs and sizes for Ramayani Hanuman. 

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Mystical Shiva

You might have come across various idols of Lord Shiva, all in different designs, poses, and sizes. However, the Mystical Shiva from the Artarium brings something unique to your dashboard. It's an authentic representation of Shiva’s cosmic dance on the water waves with Vasuki Naag (the king of serpents) wrapped around his body. The idol makes for the perfect piece to enhance the overall appeal of your dashboard and create a sense of safety and protection for all your drives. 

Mystical Shiva is a one-of-a-kind piece that you can only find best on the online platform of the Artarium. 

Khatu Shyam ji

Revered as the Lord of Kaliyug, Khatu Shyam is the most revered deity in the Hindu culture. He’s the epitome of valor and courage and keeping his idol within your car interiors can help foster a spiritual aura and grace.

There are a variety of Khatu Shyam idols, ranging from the ones painted with vivid colors to the finely detailed with a rich antique finish that you can easily find online or in walk-in stores. 

Meditating Lord Shiva

Do you sometimes feel anxious or uneasy while driving on the roads with heavy traffic or crowds? If yes, then Meditating Lord Shiva idol is the perfect piece to add to your car dashboard.

Sitting in a calm, meditative pose, the idol exudes a sense of calmness and encourages focus and concentration during your journeys. So, no more discomfort and uneasiness, only a peaceful and enjoyable drive!

Venkateshwar Balaji

Venkateshwar Balaji is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who’s believed to be the only God who took birth for the safety and survival of mankind. You can place Venkateshwar Balaji idol on your car dashboard to attract some good vibes filling up your space. And you know what more? Venkateshwar is also revered as a deity that brings good fortune and financial stability to your life. In short, Balaji will not only help guide you through the roads but also pave your path to success.  

If you see the real Venkateshwar Balaji idol at the Tirupati Balaji temple, you’ll get to observe that it’s a very delicately designed and crafted piece perfectly reflecting the radiant aura of the deity. Finding an idol resembling the same design and finish can be difficult but not impossible. You can check out the Venkateshwar Balaji idol by the Artarium to uplift your car interiors. 


Ardhanarishvara serves as the yin and yang of dashboard accessories. It's a fusion of masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies both of which promote balance and harmony in life. So, this makes it quite clear that adding Ardhanarishvara will ensure that your rides are all smooth and balanced with fewer roadblocks. 

You can find Ardhanarishvara idols on various online marketplaces or offline stores. In case you’re looking for an idol with a rich antique finish, then Artarium has got the best Ardhanrishvara idol for you. 

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Ram Bhakt Hanuman

Embodying devotion and faith, Ram Bhakt Hanuman is the perfect companion for all your journeys - be it on the roads or in real life. Hanuman is known as the most loyal devotee of Lord Rama and this idol is the exact depiction of his unwavering faith and commitment to his lord. 

Placing a Hanuman ji car dashboard will not only ensure protection but will also infuse a sense of goodwill on all your journeys. 

You can find different variations of Ram Bhakt Hanuman online across different marketplaces and home decor websites like

Sai Baba Idol

Sai Baba is the most revered saint across India known for his spiritual teachings and lessons. Adding the Sai Baba idol to your car dashboard is like having a wise friend guiding you all through your journeys. It creates an atmosphere of protection and harmony within your car interiors so that you always experience a sense of security on your drives.

There are endless options available both online and offline when it comes to purchasing Sai Baba idols for car dashboards. You can find and pick the one that best fits your budget and preferences.  

Sitting Panther Figurine

Symbolizing power and agility, the sitting panther figurine is perfect to add a touch of sophistication to your car dashboard. Panthers are usually associated with power, strength, and courage. So when you install this panther figurine on your dashboard, it infuses the air with a whole different kind of powerful energy. And this, in turn, helps you drive with more confidence and focus without any negativities around.

If you wish to add this powerhouse of strength to your dashboard, you can choose from the various options available in the online market at the most affordable prices. 

Origami Lord Buddha

Installing Origami Lord Buddha on the car dashboard can help enlighten your space with a serene aura so that every time you get in your car, you can experience the calm and positive vibes that surround the space. More so, the Lord Buddha idol will also serve as a constant reminder to remain calm and composed during those heavy driving hours. 

You can explore different home decor outlets or online platforms like Artarium to find the best Buddha idols at the most affordable prices. 


So, these were our top picks for car dashboard accessories. The best part about all these options is that they are all quirky and affordable enough to fit your budget. More so, you can easily find them online and get them delivered to your doorsteps with a few clicks. So, what else are you waiting for? Go explore all the options and pick the one that best resonates with your interests. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is the best thing to put on the dashboard of a car?
A: When it comes to accessories, you can add god idols or different cartoon miniatures to your car dashboard. Just make sure to not add something that hampers your sight of view while driving. Rest, you can go for anything depending on your personal choice and preference. 

Q: Is it dangerous to put things on the dashboard of a car?
A: As long as you stick things well to your dashboard, it's not a problem. Make sure to avoid loosely placed objects as these can turn into projectiles during an accident.

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