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10 Best Personalised Corporate Gifting Ideas this Festive Season

10 Best Personalised Corporate Gifting Ideas this Festive Season

You have landed at the right place if you are looking for the best corporate gifting ideas in 2024. We have listed below various options, ranging from trendy accessories to spiritual home decor gifts. You can choose the right one according to the occasion and budget.

Corporate gifts are a thoughtful way of appreciating your employees for their hard work or bonding with new and old customers or clients. Adding a touch of personalization to your corporate gifts can create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the receivers.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 best personalized corporate gifting ideas for the festive season 2024.

Best Personalised Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2024 

Get Personalized Home Decor Gifts Online

When thinking of an appreciated and versatile gifting category, home decor cannot be ignored. From the corporate gifting point of view, home decor products can be a great way to leave a lasting impression on the receiver. 

Home decor gifts include a wide range of products, from table lamps to artistic figurines. A great choice would be an abstract art animal figurine like Artarium’s sitting lion figurine. It signifies strength and courage,  which could be perfect motivation when placed at home or the office.

Home decor gifts will always remind the receiver of your efforts to make them feel special. Even when things don’t work out,  the receivers will be considerate after looking at their gifts. 

The corporate world can be extremely hectic, and not everyone will have the time to go from one shop to another to find the right home decor for gifting. Hence, getting home decor gifts online from a trusted source like Artarium is a more feasible option.

Personalised Desk Accessories

A great way to thank your employees for their hard work is by gifting them a kit of essential office supplies. This kit could include a coffee mug with your company's logo and a motivational quote acknowledging the employee. Further, you can include personalized coasters, mouse pads, desk organizers, pens, etc.

Such kits make the employees feel valued and motivate them to work harder for the organization. It's kind of a win-win situation. Moreover, these kinds of kits are usually available at an affordable price.

Personalised Wall Decor

Wall decor gifts are another unique way to make your clients or employees feel special. Walls are an excellent place to decorate. The right wall decor piece will boost the vibe of any room, whether it is the living room or bedroom. 

There are a wide variety of wall decor products available on the market. If you want to stand out with your gift choice, go for Artarium’s Lord Ganesh Head or Lord Ganesha on Mushak wall hangings. These will not only uplift the appearance of the walls but also instill a sense of spirituality in the receiver.

Premium Leather Products

Leather exudes sophistication and timeless elegance. Premium leather products are a great way of combining luxury with practicality. For gifting, there are several options available. You could go for leather portfolios, laptop sleeves, phone cases, travel accessories, and many more.

There is scope for personalization with leather products. You could print your company logo or a caption expressing your admiration for the receiver. Although you may have to increase your budget for such gifts, they will surely impress the receiver and leave a lasting impression in their minds.

Tech Gadgets

Tech products are an excellent choice for gifting. They combine practicality and elegance. Depending on the nature of your business, you could gift your employees innovative tech gadgets that will help them in their daily grind.

When getting tech gadgets as corporate gifts, make sure to buy them from a trusted brand. This will ensure that their quality is top-notch and also save you and your company from getting embarrassed in the event of the gadgets failing. You could get a decent discount on bulk orders. Customization is also offered by several tech brands.

Personalized Gift Hampers

One of the best ways to make your clients or employees feel appreciated is by gifting them personalized gift hampers. You can customize the content of the hamper according to the occasion.

The assortments in your gift hamper should be a balance of care and sophistication. Include stuff that makes the recipients feel special. You could include decor items, gourmet treats, premium snacks, personal care products, and many more. Include a personalized note to express gratitude for the recipient's loyalty and trust in your business.

Personalized Art Figurines

Artisanal figurines are a meaningful way to add a personal touch to your corporate gifts. These serve as excellent decor pieces for the work desk or center table. It will be a constant reminder for the recipient that you care. 

Explore Artarium’s collection of magnificent art figurines that are above the ordinary. Each piece is meticulously crafted and has a deep underlying meaning. Artifacts like the feng shui rising horse and elephant family symbolize prosperity, growth, and good fortune, making them excellent choices for corporate gifting. The best part is that you can easily get Artarium’s home decor gifts online.

Work desk Plants

A little greenery on their desk or in their room will brighten their day; make it low-maintenance and practically hard to kill, and they'll be even happier. The corporate world can get stressful, so introducing a plant can bring in a breath of fresh air. They not only have an aesthetic appeal but also promote a healthier and more productive work environment.

Luxury Home Fragrance Sets

What better way to light up your client's festive spirit than a luxury home fragrance set? Exclusive fragrance sets will offer an aromatic experience that will leave a lasting impression on the recipients. Select fragrances with a soothing aroma. Include more than one type of fragrance so that the recipient can feel elated by a new scent every time.

Gift Cards

It is hard to know the tastes and preferences of each and every client or employee in the corporate world. So, not everyone will be satisfied with the gifts that you may get for them. This is where gift cards come in handy. 

Gift cards are a safe choice as corporate gifts. They serve as an expression of your gratitude towards the recipient while giving them the option of choosing a present according to their taste and preference.

Final thoughts on personalized Corporate Gifts for the 2024 festive season

Before diving deeply into your corporate gifting, map out your company-wide strategy. Outlining what will be included in your offerings and who will lead the charge can help you avoid stumbling blocks on your company's charitable journey.

Plan your corporate gifting campaign by strategizing:

  • List of recipients. Are you looking for customers? Customers? Only internal coworkers? Leadership? Should your priority list be divided into "tiers"?
  • Budget for each present. What will your base price be for each gift? Can buying additional things reduce the cost and, hence, broaden your recipients?
  • Shipping. What delivery options does the firm you're purchasing from provide? Will they ship to more than one address? Do you want the products transported to your organization so you can hand-deliver them?
  • Timing. Is this just a holiday gift? Should you wait until after the new year to mail something?
  • Alignment of values. Does the firm you've chosen for your donations share your commitment to corporate social responsibility?

For a thoughtful and premium range of decor gifts, make sure to explore the collection at Artarium. You will find amazing deals on bulk orders for corporate gifting

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