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Top Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients: A Comprehensive Guide

Top Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients: A Comprehensive Guide

Corporate gifting or corporate gifts have long been in existence but what’s the actual significance behind these or why are they even important? 

Corporate gifts are some valuable items that are offered by the employer to their workers as a token of appreciation or gratitude for their contribution to the firm. 

Now you might wonder why there’s a need for a new set of corporate gift ideas in 2024 when it seems like this practice is well-established. The reason is straightforward - circumstances evolve. What may have worked well in the past might not be as effective in the future. In this discussion, we’ll walk you through the changes you should consider and suggest some unique corporate gifts for employees that you can gift in 2024.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

The psychological concept plays a very pivotal role in the realm of corporate gifting. Beyond being mere presents, gifts acquire a sense of recognition and value, elevating them to the status of trophies symbolizing exceptional accomplishments

In specific terms, this phenomenon serves as a catalyst for various elements within the organizational structure. For employees and partners, it encourages thinking outside the conventional boundaries, while for clients, it establishes a strong emotional connection, fostering lasting relationships. 

It's not surprising that the University of Lincoln recognizes the significance of gifts as crucial tools in the marketing communication mix. The university believes that well-timed and best corporate gifts for clients effectively convey the message that a relationship holds substantial importance.

Best Corporate Gifting Options for 2024

Here are the top 9 unique corporate gifts for employees that you can choose for corporate gifting

Personal Care Products 

You can curate a gift basket with essential personal hygiene products for office-goers. Here you can add various products such as mini sanitizers, lip balms, essential oils sets, shaving essentials for men, and even skin and bathing care sets, etc. This will make for both a thoughtful and personalized gift for your employees that they can utilize in their daily upkeep and care.

God Idols 

If you are unable to put your mind into much thought into the entire gifting process, one of the easiest options is to gift god idols to your employees. This can include idols of Bahubali Hanuman, Vighanaharta Ganesha, or Radha Krishna which are some of the most adored deities. However, note that these only make for the perfect gift options if your employees are of the same religion i.e., Hindus. So make sure to consider this aspect before proceeding with anything.

Indoor Plants or Succulents

Indoor plants or succulents make for one of the best corporate gifts for employees. Plants like bonsai trees such as Juniper, pines, spruces, cedars, magnolia, elms, and oaks are excellent choices. They are a perfect addition to indoor gardens or room decor. If preferred, employees can also place them on their work desks for a wonderful look. 

Car Dashboard Accessories 

One another useful gifting option is car dashboard accessories. You can offer your employees miniatures of the lord Buddha, Khatu Shyam, or Ardhanarishvara figurines so that their drives are all peaceful and spiritual. Apart from this, you can also go for car hangings like small dream catchers that add an aesthetic appeal to the car interiors.

Office Essentials 

Adding on to the list, you can also consider items like writing journals, custom stainless steel water bottles, and photo frames. If you are looking for some unique high-end corporate gifts, portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, laptop bags, and file carriers also make for a great option. These are everyday essentials that will always remind your employees that you value them and are always on the look to take care of their work needs.

Home Decor Products

Who doesn’t love decorating their homes? We’re sure your employees do too. When it comes to gifting home decor products, the options are endless. You can choose to gift a rising horse, charging bull, or elephant family idol that makes for the perfect decor for any setting. Besides this, you can also look for fragrance candles, cutlery sets, or more considering your budget and interests.

Sweet Treat Hampers 

Sweet Treat Hampers are something that is never out of the gifting trends, be it for any occasion. You can gift a hamper packed with gourmet food, sweets, chocolates, and dry fruits make delightful gifts, especially if you’re out gifting during festive seasons.

Gift Cards 

Gift cards make for a versatile corporate gift for all occasions, offering flexibility for employees to choose something they genuinely need. While lacking personalization, they represent a secure corporate gifting solution.


Books are timeless gifts. You can either ask employees for book preferences and sponsor those selections or go for the modern alternative and gift a Kindle instead. However, this entirely depends on your overall budget. If you want to offer something budget-friendly, books would be the best option.  


So these were some of our top favourites for corporate gifting. Nonetheless, you can find countless other options out in the market. But the idea remains the same - to make your clients/employees feel valued and appreciated regardless of the gift you present. For this, you can also try adding a small note along with the gift highlighting any of their personal or professional achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are the gifting trends in 2024?
A: In 2024, sustainable gifting options are more in trend than luxury corporate gifts. This includes products that are free from any toxins and generate zero wastage upon use. 
Q: What is the psychology behind corporate gifts?
A: Gifting is always associated with triggering human emotions. When any human receives a thoughtful or personalized gift, their brain releases dopamine which is a feel-good hormone. 
Q: Is corporate gifting profitable?
A: Yes. As per the survey conducted by Adobe ABDE of top B2B companies, it is reported that the corporate gifting business model can increase client retention by 5%, increasing business profits by 25-95%.
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