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Exploring the Significance of Keeping Ram Darbar Idol at Home - Cultural & Spiritual Insights

Exploring the Significance of Keeping Ram Darbar Idol at Home - Cultural & Spiritual Insights

Ram Darbar is a representation of Lord Ram’s court of honor wherein accompanying him is his consort, Sita, his brother Laxman, and his ardent devotee, Hanuman. According to Hindu cultural beliefs, keeping Ram Darbar in your home or even workspace brings harmony, and peace and sets a tone for a positive and spiritual environment. 

In this blog, we’ll learn more about Ram Darbar including everything from its significance, symbolism, and vastu guidelines for placing Ram Darbar idol in your space. 

Ram Darbar depicts the perfect union of life and soul. Herein, it also explains the relationship of Lord Ram with all his beloved members - First is his wife Sita, who always stood beside him through thick and thin and set the perfect example of an ideal husband-wife relationship. 

Then, there’s Laxman who always followed Lord Ram like a shadow and protected him with all his courage and valor. He never left his brother’s side and took on every challenge head-on. 

Following this is Hanuman, the most beloved devotee of Lord Ram who was so infallible in his devotion and loyalty towards Ram that he’s all willing to even tear his chest open to show how Ram & Sita resides deep in his heart.

Ram Darbar

Significance of Ram Darbar Idol

When it comes to significance, everyone has their own reasons for placing religious idols at home or in working spaces. Some of these reasons include:

Decorative significance: Many people also keep the idols for decorative value as it's believed to bring god’s blessing to one’s home. Its unique and aesthetic appearance is a testament to the age-old traditions and culture of India. 

Spiritual value: Lord Ram’s life story highly speaks of the high virtues and righteousness. Certain events of his life impart us with the lessons of commitment, loyalty, truth, justice, and more. Hence, his idol stands as an example for the devotees to fulfill their life duties and follow the right path.

Leadership Value: Ram was considered one of the most ideal kings, known and praised for his qualities of compassion, righteousness, loyalty, and leadership. His behavior and skills are still an inspiration for his devotees to lead their lives with humanity and integrity. 

Exploring the Symbolism Behind Ram Darbar

Each member of the Ram Darbar holds a different symbolism. Let's understand each one in detail:

Ram: Ram, the epitome of chivalry and virtue, is the seventh incarnation (avatar) of lord Vishnu. He’s believed to be a symbol of righteousness and perseverance, a man who never stepped back from his moral commitments and always stood up for the right. 

Sita: Sita, the consort of Lord Ram is acknowledged for her patience and perseverance. She’s depicted as the silent figure in the holy Ramayana who sacrificed all her comforts and desires to support his husband. She always came out as a source of inspiration for Ram and without her Shree Ram is incomplete. 

Laxman: Lakshman, as depicted in Ramayana is a figure with unwavering loyalty and commitment towards his elder brother. He always accompanied Lord Ram across all walks of life, be it Mithla to marry Sita or the jungle during the 14 years of exile. The bond between the two is widely cherished and boasted about.

Hanuman: Hanuman is the ultimate symbol of courage, loyalty, and devotion. He’s deemed to be the most powerful deity in Hindu mythology who’s a hero in himself. 

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Rituals Associated with Worshipping Ram Darbar Idol

There are certain rituals associated with worshipping any god idol not just the Ram Darbar. Here are some things to practice:

  • The first and foremost step is to wash the idols using a mix of pure water and Ganga Jal.
  • Post this, offer clothes to all the deities. If possible, offer clothes of yellow or red color.
  • Hereafter, light a diya, incense sticks, and offer flowers and roli-akshat to god. Now start worshipping the lord singing and chanting bhajans & aartis.
  • Avoid any distractions during the aarti and try to surrender yourself to god.
  • Once completed, accept the prasad and offer the same to the near ones.

Integrating Ram Darbar into home worship can eliminate all the negative energies, filling the surroundings with a positive and spiritual era.

Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Ram Darbar Placement

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu architectural system based on ancient texts that describe principles of design, measurements, spatial geometry, layout, and space arrangement. It holds utmost importance in the placement or design of any figure or building for that matter. 

While placing the Ram Darbar idols in your home, make sure to keep the following Vastu Shastra guidelines in mind:

  • Placement of the idols: According to the vastu shastra, it's best to place the Ram Darbar idols in the north, east, or northeast direction of your home. These directions are supposed to welcome the positive energies in your space. Meanwhile, also make sure that the place around the idols is well-lit and uncluttered to create a serene, vibrant environment altogether. 

  • Ideal location for placing the Ram Darbar: While choosing a place to settle the Ram Darbar idols, try to avoid bedrooms and areas around the bathrooms. Rather go for common rooms like the drawing room or the living area. However, it's best to have a dedicated prayer room in your home. 

  • Also while placing the idols, make sure to keep them at eye level and on a clean, uncluttered platform. These small notions will help you in your spiritual growth. 

  • Materials of the idol: No matter where you buy Ram Darbar idols from, make sure they’re made of the highest quality materials, presenting all the members (Ram, Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman) accurately, and in the best light. Artatrium’s Ram Darbar idols are designed with meticulous attention to detail, perfectly highlighting all the features and other attributes. 

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    Maintenance and  Care for Ram Darbar Idols - the Spiritual Symbol

    The importance of Ram Darbar Idol in Hindu Households is unparalleled. However, more often than not people fail to properly take care of the figurines resulting in wear and tear. Hence here are some tips for caring for your Ram Darbar idols:

    • Keep the idols away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity to avoid any damage. Rather, keep them in a dry, well-ventilated space where there is moderate lighting. 
    • Always use a soft, dry cloth to dust the idols and remove any dirt or debris. Pay close attention to the curves and folds where dust often gets accumulated.
    • If your idols are made of metal like brass, you can periodically clean them using mild soap and water, just make sure to avoid using any harsh chemicals. 
    • If you are displaying the idols somewhere outdoors, try coating them with a clear varnish, weatherproof sealant, or lacquer to protect them from dirt or rain. 

    With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your idols all new and clean. This will help them retain their spiritual aura and shine for years to come.

    Benefits of Keeping Ram Darbar Idol at Home

    There are certain benefits associated with keeping god idols at home. And if you’re planning to bring Ram Darbar to your home, know that it’ll help:

    • Create a divine, spiritual environment all around.
    • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or any living space.
    • Foster a connection between you and the almighty.


    Ram Darbar holds both cultural and spiritual significance in the Hindu mythology. Keeping Ram Darbar idols in your home, office or any living space can help create a serene aura of calmness and peace. However, always make sure to keep a close check for the maintenance and care of your idols so that they last for years to come. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Q: What does Rama symbolize?
    A: Rama is revered as an embodiment of righteousness and high virtues.
    Q: Where to put Ram Darbar at home?
    A: Always keep Ram Darbar in the north, east, or northeast direction of your home.
    Q: Can we gift Ram Darbar?
    A: Yes, Ram Darbar makes for the perfect gift for any occasion.
    Q: Is Ram Darbar standing or sitting?
    A: Ram Darbar is available in both sitting and standing variants across different online platforms. You can choose any as per your interest and preference.

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