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Sita Navami in 2024: Celebrating the Birth of Goddess Sita
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Sita Navami in 2024: Celebrating the Birth of Goddess Sita

Sita Navami, also known as Janki Jayanti or Sita Jayanti, is a widely celebrated Hindu festival that honors the birth of Goddess Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. Celebrated with great joy and devotion, this day is dedicated to remembering the virtues and sacrifices of Maa Sita, who is revered as a symbol of purity, devotion, and strength in Hindu mythology. 

In this blog, we will learn more about Goddess Sita and the significance behind Sita Jayanti.

When is Sita Jayanti Celebrated?

When is Sita Jayanti Celebrated?

Sita Jayanti is celebrated on the ninth day (Navami) of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the moon) in the Hindu month of Vaishakha. This day is considered highly auspicious, and devotees observe various rituals to honor the birth of Goddess Sita. This year (2024), Sita Navami will be celebrated on May 16th. 

What to Do on Sita Navami?

What to Do on Sita Navami

On Sita Navami, devotees engage in numerous activities to express their devotion and seek the blessings of Maa Sita. These include:

  1. Fasting: Many devotees observe a strict fast from sunrise to sunset, consuming only water or fruits. Some may even undertake a Nirjala fast (without water).
  2. Puja and Prayer: Special puja ceremonies are performed at homes and temples. Devotees chant hymns and recite the Ramayana, particularly the episodes that highlight the virtues and life events of Sita.
  3. Temple Visits: Visiting temples dedicated to Lord Rama and Goddess Sita is a common practice. Devotees offer flowers, fruits, and other items as part of the rituals.
  4. Charity and Helping the Needy: Following Sita's example of compassion and kindness, many devotees engage in charitable activities, donating food, clothes, and money to those in need.

Birth of Sita: Sita's Birthplace and Story

Birth of Sita: Sita's Birthplace and Story

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Sita was born in the kingdom of Mithila, ruled by King Janaka. The exact location of her birth is believed to be Janakpur, which is now in present-day Nepal.

The story of her birth is quite unique and rather miraculous. It is said that King Janaka found Sita as an infant in a furrow while he was plowing the field. Struck by her divine presence, he adopted her, and she was raised as his daughter. Hence, she is also known as Janki, derived from the name of King Janaka.

Sita's Name Meaning and Her Other Names

The name "Sita" is derived from the Sanskrit word for "furrow," focusing on the circumstances of her birth. Over time, she has been known by various names, each highlighting a different aspect of her divine persona:

    • Janki: Daughter of King Janaka.
    • Mithila Nandini: Joy of Mithila.
  • Bhumija: Daughter of Earth
    • Maithili: Princess of Mithila.
    • Rama: Wife of Lord Rama.
    • Vaidehi: Born in Videha, another name for Mithila.

    Qualities of Maa Sita

    Qualities of Maa Sita

    Goddess Sita is revered for her numerous virtues and qualities, making her the epitome of womanhood and devotion. Some of her key qualities include:

    • Purity and Chastity: Sita is often worshiped as a symbol of purity and fidelity.
    • Devotion: Her unwavering devotion to Lord Rama is celebrated and revered across the world.
    • Strength and Courage: Despite numerous trials and tribulations, Sita remained steadfast and courageous all through her life.
    • Compassion and Kindness: She exhibited immense compassion and kindness throughout her life, even towards those who wronged her.

    Ram-Sita Marriage

    Ram-Sita Marriage

    The marriage of Sita and Rama is one of the most celebrated events in Hindu mythology. It was marked by the famous Swayamvara, where Sita chose Rama as her husband. The condition of the Swayamvara was that the suitor had to string the mighty bow of Lord Shiva. Rama not only strung the bow but also broke it, thus winning Sita's hand in marriage. Their union is seen as a perfect example of marital devotion and love.

    How to Celebrate Sita Jayanti? - Puja Vidhi and Fasting Rules

    How to Celebrate Sita Jayanti? - Puja Vidhi and Fasting Rules

    Celebrating Sita Navami involves a series of rituals and practices to honor the goddess. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    Puja Vidhi

    1. Clean the House and Puja Area: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the house and the area where the puja will be conducted.
    2. Install the Idol or Picture of Sita: Place an idol or picture of Goddess Sita, preferably alongside Lord Rama.
    3. Decorate the Altar: Decorate the altar with flowers, rangoli, and other decorative items.
    4. Offerings: Prepare offerings such as fruits, sweets, and flowers. Add tulsi leaves to your offerings as they are considered highly auspicious.
    5. Lighting the Lamp: Light a ghee lamp in front of the deity.
    6. Chanting Mantras and Hymns: Recite Sita mantras, hymns, and passages from the Ramayana.
    7. Performing Aarti: Conclude the puja with the Sita Aarti, seeking the blessings of the Goddess.

    Fasting Rules

    1. Start with a Sankalp: Begin the fast with a prayer and resolve to observe the fast with devotion.
    2. Types of Fasts: You can choose from a complete fast (Nirjala), fruit and water fast, or a simple fast with light meals.
    3. Breaking the Fast: The fast is usually broken in the evening after performing the puja and offering prayers. However, you can also choose to break the fast the next day, after performing all the rituals.

    Benefits of Worshiping Goddess Sita

    Worshiping Goddess Sita is believed to bring numerous benefits to devotees, including:

    1. Marital Harmony: Couples who worship Sita and Rama are blessed with a harmonious and happy married life.
    2. Strength and Patience: Devotees seek Sita's blessings for strength and patience to face life's challenges.
    3. Prosperity and Peace: Praying to Sita is believed to bring peace and prosperity to one's household.


    Sita Navami, or Janki Jayanti, is a beautiful celebration of the birth and virtues of Goddess Sita. It serves as a reminder of her immense strength, purity, and devotion, inspiring devotees to lead a life of righteousness and devotion. As we celebrate Sita Navami in 2024, let us learn and follow the values exemplified by Maa Sita and seek her blessings for a life filled with peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

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