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How to Select the Perfect Ashtray for Your Needs?

How to Select the Perfect Ashtray for Your Needs?

Are you a seasoned smoker or often have guests who smoke? If yes, then you can clearly understand the need for a functional ashtray. The right ashtray not only helps enhance the overall smoking experience but also ensures proper disposal of ashes and butts. Ashtrays have gradually evolved in human history going from simple receptacles used to stow ashes and butts to stylish art pieces. However, what’s still a question is How to choose the right ashtray for your needs. Well, this blog is here to decode this confusion and guide you through some tips for choosing the perfect ashtray.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Ashtray

When you step out to purchase an ashtray, you’re sure to find endless options to pick from. However, what’s important to note is that every other ashtray will suffice your needs or serve you right. Hence, make sure to be mindful of the following aspects before making a purchase. 

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Look for the right size 

If you’re someone who often plans on smoking with friends or other fellow smokers, go for a larger ashtray. However, in case you’re a lone smoker or are constrained by limited space, a smaller ashtray would work just fine for you. The choice entirely depends on your preferences.

Check the Material 

Ashtrays come in many different materials such as glass, metal, and ceramic - each with its own set of pros and cons. Glass ashtrays look aesthetically pleasing but are quite fragile and more prone to breakage. Ceramic ones are comparatively more durable but still not a good option for those clumsy individuals. Lastly metal might look like the best option in terms of durability and use but they’re also susceptible to getting rusted over time. 

Therefore, choose wisely determining the factors you can manage to work around with. 

Design Type 

Today you’ll find many quirky as well as aesthetic design options when you set to buy Ashtray online. From the clean geometrical structure to the stylish snake dragon ashtray, you can pick anything that will suit your interests and preferences. Herein, also consider the setting where you’ll be placing or using the ashtray to make the most of its design and functionality. 

Ash Holding Capacity 

Ash holding capacity refers to the amount of ash that a tray can hold before being emptied. If you are a regular smoker, go for an ashtray with more ash-holding capacity. This will help reduce the need for frequent cleaning. 

Wind Resistance  

If you are looking for an ashtray to place or use on your patio, make sure it offers wind resistance. For this, check for ashtrays that are wide and deep enough to prevent ash from being carried away by the wind flow.

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Odor Control Features 

Not everyone is a fan of smoking or even smoke for that matter. Hence, to ensure your near and dear ones are not affected by the smoke you create, look for ashtrays with odor-control features. This could be anything from a covering lid or a filter to help reduce the smell of smoke in your living area. 

Easy Cleaning 

Last but not least, consider investing in an ashtray that’s easy to clean. You can go for ashtrays with removable parts so it's easy for you to reach those touch bends or corners for cleaning or the ones made with non-stick materials to make cleaning less of a hassle. 

What Did We Learn?

Ashtrays may seem like an insignificant part of life but if you’re a smoker you can’t deny the fact that they actually hold an importance. Therefore, choosing the best one for your everyday needs becomes quite important. We hope this guide helps you pick the perfect ashtray to enhance your overall smoking experience. 

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