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Is Hanuman Still Alive: Discover the Truth
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Is Hanuman Still Alive: Discover the Truth

In the world of legendary stories and beliefs of Hindu mythology, Hanuman, the loyal follower and an ardent devotee of Lord Ram always stands out as a remarkable character. Known for his incredible strength, valor and unwavering loyalty towards Lord Ram, Hanuman's story has captured the hearts of many. However, among the tales of his bravery, one question that often arises: Is Lord Hanuman still alive today? Well, we will discover that in this blog.

The Immortality of Hanuman

Is Hanuman Still Alive

When we talk about Hanuman, there are a whole lot of things that many of us are not aware of; like the fact that he was married to Suvarchala and even had a son named Makardhwaja. But the most interesting fact that you must know is that Hanuman was granted the boon of being immortal which means he will be alive in all 4 yugas. 

But how did Hanuman become immortal? Well, there are many different stories regarding that.

One story says that when Goddess Sita was captured by Ravana (during the period of exile), Hanuman crossed miles to deliver Lord Ram’s message to her.  Truly overwhelmed by Hanuman’s loyalty and commitment, Goddess Sita granted him the boon of immortality as a reward for delivering a message from Lord Ram.

Another prominent story is when Hanuman tore his chest open to prove to everyone that Lord Ram and Sita truly reside in his heart. Pleased by Hanuman’s devotion, Lord Ram blessed him with the boon of being immortal. However, according to the legends, Hanuman generously refused to take Shree Ram’s offer and rather touched his feet seeking his blessings. He even expressed how he wanted to spend the rest of his life beside the divine feet of Lord Ram.

At the time of Lord Ram leaving for heaven, he ordered Hanuman to remain back on earth and protect it against any evil forces. He even ensured Hanuman that he’d be called back when the time was right.

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Besides this, it is also believed that Hanuman himself wanted to remain back on earth until there was Ram naam echoing on the earth.

Where is Hanuman Now? Is He Alive?

Is Hanuman Still Alive

It is believed that Hanuman visits his descendants who are said to be living in the jungles of Piduru mountain in Sri Lanka. This community of tribals remains all disconnected from the modern world but shares a special relationship with Hanuman. 

Every 41 years, they perform a special ceremony called 'Charan Puja' in honor of Hanuman, and it is said that he visits the community during this time. Well, for many individuals this may sound quite unusual to believe but the community actually maintains a proper record of Hanuman’s visit, details of which include his words and activities undertaken. And according to this record book, Hanuman made his last visit in 2014. This pretty much sums up the answer to the question - Is Hanuman still alive? 

The Significance of Hanuman in Modern Times

Is Hanuman Still Alive

In today's world, Hanuman holds a special place in the hearts of millions. He is seen as a symbol of strength, devotion, and protection. It is always the Hanuman who first comes into our mind in times of trouble, fear, and adversity. And you’d often find yourself reciting Hanuman Chalisa to seek courage and strength like that of Hanuman. 

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Whether or not Hanuman is still alive remains a matter of belief, his story continues to inspire people around the world, reminding us of the power of faith and devotion. Whether as a mythological figure or a living presence, Hanuman's story teaches us valuable lessons about loyalty, courage, and the enduring bond between a devotee and their deity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Did anyone see Hanuman?
It is believed that Lord Hanuman visits the Mathang tribe of Sri Lanka, every 41 years. They are the only people who have seen him.
Q. Who are the 7 immortals on Earth?
According to the legends there are a total of 7 immortals who are believed to be present on earth. These include Lord Hanuman, Ashwathama, Mahabali, Parashurama, Markandaya, Vibhishana, Kripacharya, and Ved Vyasa.
Q. Where does Hanuman live now?
Hanuman is believed to be residing in the Gandhamadan mountain of Kaliyuga.
Q. Who is Hanuman's wife?
Suvarchala, the daughter of Surya Dev is commonly mentioned as the wife of Lord Hanuman.
Q. What food Hanuman likes?
Lord Hanuman is believed to be very fond of kesariya boondi laddoo and besan laddoo

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