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Affordable Luxury: Living Room Wall Decor for Every Budget

Affordable Luxury: Living Room Wall Decor for Every Budget

Do you often find yourself scrolling through the magnificent wall decor? Are you bored of your plain and monotonous walls and badly need a revamp of the same? If yes, then this blog is for you. Decorating your walls will certainly not cost you an or leg, all that is required is understanding your taste and finding the right wall decor. Walls are hands down one of the first few things noticed by a visitor the moment they enter your abode. With just a little try, you can turn your spiritless walls filled with character. Is it wall art that interests you? Or, it is paintings? Let us check out the top wall art which exudes a luxury home decor vibe but is totally effortless to install. 

Ultimate List of Wall Decor Ideas You’d Need 

Regardless of whether you are on a budget or simply a cautious spender, a wall decor for living room or bedroom will only cost you a little. In fact, the moment you give your walls a remodel, you will hardly feel the need to go any further. Walls carry an enormous amount of weightage when it comes to interior design. These budget options listed below will totally be a game-changer. 

1. The Simplistic Floral Stickers

You will most likely notice floral stickers on the walls of every other person. The reason is, that these are readily available and affordable as well. These stickers are found in beautiful pastels and vibrant colours, totally catching the attention of visitors. If you are in need of something quirky, then floral stickers are the way to go. In fact, you can also get 3D floral stickers which will instantly transform the room’s vibe into a cheerful one. 

2. Metal Displays

People who have a taste for regal and gleaming items would love metal displays on their walls. Contemporary walls are often adorned with 3D metallic accents and they make for amazing room decorations. Not only they are exquisite in texture but a complete eye-catcher. If you have a dark hue on your walls, positioning metallic displays would offer majestic views. Another good fact about these metallic pieces is, that they are pocket-friendly as well.  

3. Sculptures and Paintings

To transform the entire appearance of your abode, head to Artarium’s wall art section and get your hands on one of them. Each and every wall art of Artarium is created by experts holding immense adeptness. You would notice how the elaborate twists and turns in Lord Ganesha Head have brought out the royalty of the divine piece. The finish is pristine, and the sheeny effect is hardly found in today’s decor pieces. 

If you are more of a painting enthusiast then totally get the antique gun showpiece. This vintage sailor shot gun frame is a vintage look exuding immense nostalgia and exclusivity. The combination of hardwood and glass frame is ideal to enliven your living space.

4. Gallery Wall

A very aesthetically pleasing and hearty way of decorating your wall is by making it a gallery. Get hold of all your favourite pictures from childhood to adulthood. Place them in diverse frames varying in shapes and sizes, and simply position them on the wall. You can either opt for fancy frames or solid black or brown ones - based on your wall colour. 

The best part about making a gallery wall is, that you can choose to paste pictures, quotes, paintings, and similar things. From Kurt Cobain’s picture to daily affirmation quotes, you can stick anything. A gallery wall is oftentimes found because of its versatility. People often find solace by sticking pictures that speak of their taste. 

5. Fabric or Rugs

Another quirky way of making your walls happy is by hanging a rug or fabric on it. Sounds interesting, right? For every person delighted by the sight of textures, fabrics, and dimensions will find this appropriate. Do you have a rug or precious fabric lying in your wardrobe for years that you cannot throw away because of its preciousness? Get that out, and make it as wall art. 

You can choose to hang them as curtains or place them in frames or shadow boxes. You can also choose to get your hands on the local textiles from the market and get it tailormade. 

6. Tiles

Why should floors have all the fun? You can totally rock tiles on the walls along with the floors. When placed on a solid, pastel-coloured wall, it emanates an abstract yet remarkable view. You can choose tiles from showrooms offering an assortment. 

7. Mandala Designs

This is for all the artists present and those who love mandala. You can choose to exhibit your artistic mastery by making mandala designs on the wall. It will bring out the bohemian vibe and make your living space enlivening. Your mandala design can also contain colourful stones, marbles, and similar items. 

8. Mirrors

Mirrors are ideal ways of beautifying your tedious walls into extraordinary ones. Full-lengthed mirrors will not only be stunning to look at but will also act as multifunctional ones. In fact, mirrors tend to make the room appear much bigger as well. Therefore, get your hands on a minimalistic and sleek mirror or an elaborated one for a fancier look.  

9. Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers have become a household decor piece for their radiance and versatility. You will find dreamcatchers on walls in every other household. You can opt for macrame Dreamcatchers as they give out a wonderful appearance. You can also pair the dreamcatcher with fairy lights, flowers, and leaves to elevate the overall look. 

 To sum up, wall décor ideas that are economical offer a great way to upgrade your home without going over budget. A unique location that skillfully combines cost and superior quality is Artarium's home decor platform. Making your walls into a customised masterpiece is not only possible but also a rewarding and pleasurable experience thanks to Artarium's wide selection of alternatives, which range from canvas prints to finely carved idols. With Artarium’s distinctive and reasonably priced products, you can easily and attractively upgrade your home décor.

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