Ram Lalla

Bring home the little Ram Lalla radiating purity, innocence, and wisdom. This finely crafted idol perfectly captures the essence of Ram Lalla of Ayodhya, depicting him in a charming child form. Whether as a focal point for worship or as a symbol of spiritual devotion, the Ram Lalla idol is sure to infuse positivity and serenity in any space.

Ram Mandir 6inch

Ram Mandir Figurine is a wonderful replica of the majestic Ram Mandir of Ayodhya, dedicated to Lord Ram. It is perfectly designed to bring the essence of divine grandeur into your home. Ram Mandir serves as a constant reminder of the values and teachings associated with Lord Ram. It’s truly a masterpiece radiating the spiritual aura and architectural glory of this iconic temple.

Ram Dhanush

Introducing "Ram Dhanush" – where craftsmanship meets devotion. Crafted with utmost care and precision, the Ram Dhanush is not just a bow and arrow; it's a masterpiece of artistry. Each intricate detail tells a story of dedication and skill, lovingly handcrafted to perfection.Adorned with the sacred words "Jai Shree Ram," this divine weapon embodies the spirit of strength, courage, and faith. It's more than just a symbol – it's a reminder of the power within us to overcome any obstacle. Whether displayed as a work of art or used as a symbol of devotion, the Ram Dhanush stands as a testament to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and the timeless values it represents. Experience the craftsmanship, feel the devotion – with Ram Dhanush from Artarium.

Horned Owl of Wisdom

Horned Owl of Wisdom is an exquisite home decor piece that effortlessly combines elegance with a touch of mystique. It is finely crafted with attention to detail, capturing the essence of this majestic creature. From the intricate feathers to the piercing eyes, every nuance is expertly sculpted to create a lifelike representation.

Mighty Eagle

This Mighty Eagle Statue is a stunning piece of art that will add a touch of majesty and grace to any space. It represents the noble qualities of the eagle, known for its powerful wingspan, keen eyesight, and sharp talons. The eagle's fierce expression to the fine details on the tree trunk, everything is perfectly carved to give a lifelike appearance to this figurine.

Lord Hanuman Gada Idol Car Dashboard

Bahubali Lord Hanuman is a representation of the supreme deity - Hanuman standing tall in a powerful stature. Crafted with utmost precision, every detail of this sacred piece is a testament to our dedication to bringing the best of the divine into your life. Bahubali Lord Hanuman, is believed to grant solace & relief to all his devotees struggling with troubles in their lives.

Lord Hanuman Gada Idol Car Dashboard

Introducing Lord Hanuman Gada, a symbol of strength and courage that is inspired by the dynamic & legendary weapon of Lord Hanuman. Mounted on a rock pedestal, it stands as a powerful reminder of Hanuman’s valor. Made from the finest quality, durable materials, Lord Hanuman Gada is designed to last and withstand the test of time. Its solid construction gives it a strong, authentic presence, making it a striking addition to any collection. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a devotee of Lord Hanuman or simply someone who appreciates quality craftsmanship, this is sure to impress you.

Mystical Shiva

The Mystical Shiva figurine is a finely crafted masterpiece that perfectly captures Lord Shiva in a divine dance pose with Vasuki Naga wrapped all around his body. Handcrafted in resin with intricate details and clean design, it radiates spiritual energy and timeless mysticism

Lord Shiva Trishul With Damru

The Artarium offers the "Lord Shiva Trishul With Damru", a divine addition to your car dashboard. Crafted with precision and devotion, our Trishul idol is a masterpiece of spiritual significance and artisanal excellence. Adorned with sacred symbols of Lord Shiva – the Trishul and Damru – and crowned with a radiant "OM" design, it exudes tranquillity and peace. Each detail of our Trishul is meticulously sculpted, reflecting the artisan's skill and dedication. Handcrafted with utmost care, it serves as a powerful symbol of spirituality and reverence.

Venkateshwar Balaji

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